From the Pulpit: Oct. 15 2017

October 15, 2017            28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Introduction—story about the archeologist

There is the story told about an archaeologist who had hired some Inca tribesmen to lead him to an archaeological site deep in the Andes mountains.

  • After they had walked along way suddenly the tribesmen stopped and would go no further.
  • The archaeologist began to be impatient and annoyed.
  • Finally, he became just plain angry.
  • But no matter what he did they would not move an inch.
  • Suddenly however the Inca Tribesmen picked up their gear and started walking again. The archaeologist asked him why they stopped and refused to move, and then suddenly decided to start again.
  • One of them answered him, “we have been moving too fast and we had to wait for our souls to catch up”
  • Too often, we are moving too fast and we need to stop for a moment and let our souls catch up to.

We seem to be increasingly busy and there’s really not enough time.

Gospel parable

The people in today’s gospel are just too busy to except an invitation to the wedding feast.


The audience who would have heard this parable would have been amazed that anyone would not respond to wedding feast given by the king.

They were hard-working simple peasants.

  • These were simple people who were amazed by the vestments of the high priest and the beauty of the temple itself.
  • They would have been amazed and overcome with joy to have been invited to a wedding celebration given by the king.
  • It would never have cross their mind that they would refuse an invitation from the king.


In the parable, the king is giving a wedding feast for his son. He sends out invitations to all the important people of the kingdom to come to the great celebration.

  • Everything has been prepared!
  • However, everybody is just too busy to accept the invitation.
  • Some need to attend to their farms.
  • Others need to attend to their businesses.
  • There are just too many things for them to do and not enough time to go to the celebration. They were all just too busy.
  • Some do not even respond to the invitation and ignore  it.
  • Of course, the king is angry at the snub.
  • He decides that the invitation will be extended to everybody.

Those who are not too busy respond and the wedding hall is filled with those who have come to celebrate.


Many times we find that our world is as busy as those who were invited to the wedding feast.

  • We are busy and concerned about many things.
  • We seem to be over scheduled.
  • Our actions tend to be frenetic as we try to multitask in order to accomplish everything that we have set our goals upon.
  • We just don’t have time for everything.

There is a story about a non-English-speaking immigrant who came to the United States who was in the process of learning English.

  • Whenever anybody asked her how she was, more likely than not she would reply, “Busy, busy, I am very busy
  • A friend of hers however notice that she didn’t seem to be all that busy but more often than not took time and was relaxed.
  • Her friend later found out that she responded that way because she thought that it was the commonly accepted response for American people.
  • Whenever anybody was asked how they were doing, they always responded, “I am so very busy.”


Most of us manage to fill up our time with all kinds of activities. At the heart of being busy is the use of time.

Time as gift

Time is a gift to us from God. It doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to God.

  • We are stewards of time. A steward is a person who takes care of something that does not belong to them.
  • Time is a creature that was created by God.
  • Believe it or not, there was a time when time did not exist and there will be a time when time no longer exists. It’s Something to think about.
  • God gives us time to use.
  • We can use time however we choose.
  • We can make time.
  • We can waste time
  • God is the one who decides how much time we will have. Some of us have a very long time while others have a very short time.
  • However, it’s always a gift to be used.
  • Once you use it you can never get it back.

Reasons for Time

Essentially God gives us time for two reasons

  1. First God gives us time so that we might love others and be loved by others.
  2. The second reason God gives us time is so that we might use it wisely to make the world a little better place.
  • That means that since we have lived and passed through our world, it is just a little bit better because we were a part of it.
  • The reverse is also true.
  • The world can be just a little bit worse because we wasted the gift of our time and did nothing productive with it.

Gospel Challenge

Here is the gospel challenge for this week. This challenge is a bit general, but it’s important to make time for the people that are truly important.

  1. First of all, make time for God. Remember time really belongs to him and we just get to use it.
  • So that means that a portion of our time each day we should return to him in gratitude for this wonderful gift.
  • When we return time to God we do it in prayer.
  • Make a commitment to pray every single day even if it’s just for a few moments.
  • It’s your way of showing gratitude and giving back to God a moment of your time.
  • Similarly, the Lord asks us to give back to him one day of our week.
  • It is Sunday. Remember, it is called the Lord’s Day.
  • In gratitude God asks us to give one hour of that day back to him by attending mass and receiving holy Communion.
  • The rest of the week belongs to us, but that day belongs to him and he asks us to use it for rest, relaxation and worship.
  • If you use that day for something else, you are really stealing something that belongs to God.
  1. Secondly, make time for others especially those whom we love and love us. Remember, you will not always have those moments to spend time with them.
  • It is easy to become so absorbed in activities that we don’t make the time for our family and for those we really care about.
  • Sometimes we just assume that they know we care for them and life goes on.
  • You should never be too busy for those that you love.
  • Remember, people are always more important than things.

Here are our things you might remember in making time for others

  1. Make an effort to Plan activities with those you care about. Spend less time on the computer or on the cell phone.
  2. Plan ahead to avoid conflicts with family activities.
  3. Try to eat meals together as a family.
  4. Finally, recognize that good relationships take work and they are well worth the time spent.


Our Gospel reading for this weekend just reminds us that sometimes we are too busy.

  • We need to be aware of that and make time for God in prayer and also to make time for those we really care about.
  • We only have so much time in our lives.
  • All of that time is a gift from God. Let’s use it wisely.